2 Dangerous Effects of Excessive Noise on Employees

In today’s open plan offices and co-working spaces, workers are constantly searching for a way to escape—not to avoid their workload, but to find a quiet place where they can actually get it done. We know that distractions are annoying, but research has shown that they're also borderline dangerous.


Noise Reduces Workers’ Cognitive Performance

Productivity loss doubles in open plan spaces as unwanted sounds impact workers’ ability to complete tasks on time and to their full ability. When a worker is interrupted by noise pollution, it can take up to 23 minutes for their mind to get back on track, causing them to lose on average 86 minutes of their workday.

Repeated interruptions and the constant dread of falling behind eventually bubble over, manifesting in lower morale, a decreased motivation to work and increased aggression with office mates


Noise Increases Stress Due to a Lack of Privacy

No one wants people around them listening in on their conversations, whether they’re meeting with a customer or taking a personal call. A lack of privacy can be especially stressful when conversations are of a confidential nature, such as a client’s financial matters. In one study of communal work spaces, 34 percent of workers say they have overheard personal conversations, and 23 percent were stressed that sensitive information could spill out in the open space.

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