Can Playlists be Customized by Location or Franchise?

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Let’s face it, if you’ve been to a chain restaurant in one city, it’s going to have the exact same interior and menu when you visit its sister restaurant a few states over. However, while the facilities themselves may appear similar, the guests at their tables can look very different.

For example, one of our restaurant clients is a well-known sandwich shop whose location near the retirement communities of Phoenix has a much different audience than the one on the university campus a few miles away. Someone walking into our client’s hotel in downtown Chicago in the middle of winter is going to have a different experience than if they were checking into the same brand in Miami later that summer.

The best music services allows you to customize your music feed by location to reflect the diverse communities you serve while respecting your need for overall consistency on a national—or even international—level, ensuring you deliver on your brand promise no matter where your customers visit.

For questions about the right kind of background music that might work for your location, schedule a quick call.

Dive deeper into the right background music for your location by downloading this guidebook.



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