3 Returns on The Right Background Music

Background music is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is different as are the customers they serve, and choosing the right music—or unfortunately the wrong music—can have long-term consequences in terms of consumer behavior. In fact, according to The Gallop Organization, 86% of customers say overhead music reflects the atmosphere of a retail outlet and impacts their purchasing decisions.

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Therefore, it’s important to determine what outcomes you want your background music to deliver. Some of these may include:

  • Aligning your brand with a consumer’s emotions, desires and social identity to motivate a purchase – A high-end car dealer, for example, will often play classical or electronic music to distinguish itself as a luxury brand from one that focuses on more rugged, off-road models.
  • Stimulating word-of-mouth marketing – Because 50% of Americans rely on recommendations from family and friends when choosing a place to dine[2], creating an unmatched experience through the combination of food, service and music is critical. That positive “take-away” dining memory can bring in a new stream of consumers when tastemakers share it with others.
  • Increasing sales to maximize profits – Studies show that when the right music is played, consumer spending increases by 12.6%[3]. In bars and pubs, that number can be as high as 44%[4].

These outcomes paired with elements of your branding can impact every facet of playlist selection, including genre, tempo, tonality, and volume, helping to establish your company’s musical voice. Just as important, the music needs to blend into your environment instead of serving as the main attraction. Music that’s off-brand, too loud or misplaced has the opposite effect on the desired customer outcome you want—suggestive lyrics in a family-friendly environment or candy-coated pop music in an athletic store, for example, can send your customers running for the door.

For more on maximizing your profits with the right ambiance for your customers, download this guidebook, 5 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Background Music for Your Brand!





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